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Rollin' Like Heidi


October 9, 2006 05:28 PM

We pick up with the story back in Zurich where Nick and Shelby made plans to hang out for the entire week. The first full day we had there was Sunday. The city is a bit dead on Sundays since nothing is open, but the weather was great and we took advantage with a hike up to Uetliberg. I guess I didn’t take any pictures from the top, but I do have this one from about half way up the trail. This trail features a nice set of stairs to reach the top. Legs held up. I take what I can get.


Still going with that.

This hike also marked the final time the four of us were able to hang out together during the day. After an intentional effort to plan around Chizzy’s quarter end work schedule, the merger her company went through a while back essentially ended up making the timing a worse case scenario for being able to hang out with her. Chizzy didn’t have any time off from work from that Monday-Friday so the three of us set out to conquer alone.

Trying to sneak myself into the photo. We would return to this bar later in the evening.


If you come and visit us there is a very good chance you will have a similar photo by the end of it all.

Rain or shine.

“That looks like a big clock in the distance”

“I knew it. It IS a big clock.”

Grossmunster looming back there. We tried to walk the steps of the tower a little while before this, but they were holding a funeral there and we were never to return.

Sure, it’s a good photo of these guys but is it worth singling out? The judges ruled that since they are standing right in front of the restaurant we ate dinner at later that night, it held the minimum amount of significance necessary to qualify.

Not sure if I’ve ever posted a picture of Zurich’s sad response to Geneva’s water jet. Shelbs dug it OK though.

Another visitor’s staple. You can’t resist spinning this thing. Harper knows what I’m talking about.

Back in Lucy’s Bar. It was a very chill little place with a couple tables and some bar stools. The gal here was really nice and talked us into a shot of Absinthe. There was some deal made of the fact that it became legal to sell it in Zurich about a year back, but she said they didn’t serve it so I don’t know. Shelby didn’t dwell on it.

I took like 10 of these photos trying to play around with dim lighting settings. It’s a clear indication nobody was thinking straight when you realize they were holding this pose.

The next couple days were definitely the mellow period of the trip. I think the jet lag was finally taking its toll and everybody but Chizzy was sleeping in now. On one of those days, Nick and Shelby went out for a bit of sightseeing and shopping and I stayed home to make sure my World of Warcraft character wasn’t getting lonely. He seemed fine. I think it was during these days that our guests comprehended the “expensive city” aspect of Zurich. I’ve said before that it is quite different to expect a place to be expensive than it is to actually deal with it. It kind of sucks. But we persevered and ate $20 plates of salad, $200 Mexican dinners, and bought shoes we had to return. But we built character every time we did it.

Actually, there were two big aspects in keeping food costs down. The first was that we ate in for most meals and Nick got busy in the kitchen quite a bit. It was really nice of him. For our part, we are still on the hunt to find as many ways as possible we can get our guests to eat cheese. The newest addition to the madness is our Raclette maker. It heats up the cheese! It’s brilliant. It is Fondue’s lost cousin.

The second reason was that Zurich really knows how to deliver on the promise of a tasty kebab. There were a couple days where they served us well for two meals. Falafal was obviously the veggie equivalent of choice for Shelby.

Only downside? It isn’t always as “fast” food as you might think.

The excursion day was upon us. It was time to venture out to the magical world of Schaffhausen and the Reinfalls. The city of Shaffhausen was like most of the Swiss towns we have visited. A bit of a cobblestone pedestrian old-town area with a couple clock towers and a cool looking church or two and maybe one other thing worth photographing. In this case, the other thing was this impressive look-out tower. I can’t remember what it was called but it was alright. It was alright.



Aforementioned tower.




I think I may have nodded towards this slide, but I’d say there was an 80% chance that even that minimal gesture wouldn’t have been necessary to get this photo. Yeah. It was pretty crazy.

This is a store that sells yarn and stuff.

But Schaffhausen was nothing compared to what was coming next. We present you with the mighty Reinfalls.

This is the largest waterfall (by volume) in all of Europe.

But it is also a fabulous place to relax with a refreshing Sprite!

I think it was right here that it got the point where I was taking Nick's rule of having to have people in the photo a bit too literally.

I joke, but the falls really are really pretty cool and I think Nick and Shelby will tell you it was one of the highlights of their trip.

In the evenings we were once again able to meet up with Chizzy at the apartment and gain access to the iPod.

Does this look like something that might have been taken in the 1970’s?

You can take Shelby out of her element, but you can’t take the element out of Shelby.

Time was winding down. There was one last chance to get another meal of cheese in.

I can almost guarantee the words about to come out of Shelby’s mouth are, “Why would you do that, Nick?”

That’s it. The next day they were on a plane home and we couldn’t believe it was all over. Thanks again for coming out here, you two. We had a blast and it was really great to have you visit.

Comments (5)
Shelbs, October 10, 2006 04:33 AM:

Looking at all these photos makes me really miss you guys! It's only been a little over a week since we were there, but it seems like a lot longer. Gone are the days of sleeping in, kebobs, arrested d., chizzy's rockin' boots, Tibits, Migros, those little puff cookies. Thanks being such great hosts. We love Euro Klisches, but we need you back in Seattle soon!

Bernini, October 10, 2006 10:52 PM:

I'd freaking kill someone for a donner kebab right about now...zurich rocked. Piro wil definitely get some at Pur Pur...

Rainier, October 12, 2006 01:31 AM:

Great Pics. Schmoopies all around. You all look very European in that last pic. But I guess anyone would with fondue.

Bryan, October 12, 2006 10:06 AM:

Hey. I don't like all this "Euro Klisches" talk. My motto over here is "I'm not changing". The only thing that has been pointed out to me (and I am working to fix it) is that I am comfortable with the term "take away" for getting food to-go. I'm upset I let it get that far.

bern, October 13, 2006 06:42 PM:

Embrace it, dude. They're better than us. You are living the dream right now. Every single person I saw in Zurich seemed better than every person I know in the States. Except for that Tunisian dude in the Olive Oil store - do people really need an entire store for olive oil? I've been throwing out "entshuligungs" left and right to the homeless underneath the viaduct. They bathe a lot...