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Zermatt Revisited


October 18, 2006 11:53 AM

The weekend after Nick and Shelby left, we made our second journey out to Zermatt with a bunch of Chizzy’s co-workers. We took off late on Friday afternoon and got to Zermatt in the dark. We woke in the morning to rain which wasn’t that sweet since this day was supposed to be a hiking day.

This was our view from the balcony off the room in the morning.

We set out fairly early as a group to find some breakfast along the main street in town. No chance for eggs and bacon here. Just rolls and jam. Stupid Euro-breakfasts.

What’s this? A possible break in the clouds? Yes, it was. The day ended up being AMAZING and we had a fantastic walk in the mountains.

We got a good head start with the ski lifts. The plan was to walk up to one of the major lodges from here and then take a cable car even further up the mountains.

We couldn’t even see the Matterhorn an hour before this, so it seemed like a good time to get a shot of how it was doing. The clouds would continue to burn off throughout the rest of the afternoon, as you will see.

Here’s the entire team.

There were two trails leading away from our location. One was labeled very clearly with the name of the lodge we were trying to get to and pointed off in the correct direction. The other was labeled with a different name and moved off in the completely opposite direction. Somebody made the decision to choose the second trail. Not sure what happen there.


It was getting pretty warm out now and the jackets began to come off. We’d been walking 10 minutes.

It was about here that Chizzy and I split from the group and went back to follow the trail that was correctly marked. We’d never see the rest of the group ever again. Just kidding. We’d see them in a few hours.


That’s Zermatt down there. All of it.


The terrain got very rocky a couple hours into the hike and we lost the trail a few times.

But we made it and the Matterhorn was as clear as it was going to get this day. Not bad.

We still had altitude to gain yet. We took this cable car up to Klein Matterhorn (original) to really get above it all.

We went right over the top of this incredible glacier.

Global warming isn’t all bad. Look at how beautiful it can be.

Needed the coats again here at the top.

From the way we approached this cool peak, it looked like we were heading to the top of something but behind the mountain was just where the skiing started!

Back in the village now. You didn’t expect all that hard hiking to go unrewarded?

The secondary reason for the whole trip was to celebrate the birthday of this co-worker. We got foundue and had a good time.

Next, we moved the party to one of the local bars. At some point, the game of “animal” got going. Not sure what this one is supposed to be. This French dude on the right of the photo supposedly does a mean Jacques Chirac impersonation, but I was unable to judge this.

Back in the room. The party just couldn't be stopped… until it was. A different story altogether.

That’s it.

Comments (3)
Tobin, October 22, 2006 04:45 PM:

Screw Riga, we are coming to Swizterland and plan on enjoying Global Warming!

Rainier, October 23, 2006 02:51 AM:

You look like a Giant in that one group pic BK. Nice work. Are you guys like European now?

Bryan, October 23, 2006 10:28 AM:

Yeah, I noticed my giant ability had switched on too. I'm used to gaining superhuman strength whenever I'm in the mountains with the full beard, but maybe the goatee has gained some powers as well.