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The Girls Are Back In Town


October 23, 2006 12:00 PM

That was the slogan used on the billboards and posters around town that were promoting the Zurich Open tennis tournament. Despite all her long working hours Chizzy still manages to keep an eye out for random happenings that we might be interested in. Not that we are big (or medium) tennis fans, but we know who Maria Sharapova is. So, we had tickets for the semi-final day on Saturday which featured the two singles matches and the two doubles matches.

We got to our seats a few minutes early and caught this gal finishing warm-ups and signing autographs. It turned out to be Daniela Hantuchova who would go on to play in the finals match the next day.

“ARE YOU READYYYYYY?!” After the music and light show, the entrances were a bit lacking. They just came out of the tunnel and gave a little wave to weak applause. Good effort though.

Sharapova was playing in the first game against Katarina Srebotnik. You just knew there was no way a ‘otnik’ was going to win out against a ‘ova’.

I wouldn’t normally comment about the photo quality, but I have to apologize for this set. I don’t really know how to use my camera in dim light settings or with action shots. I turned it to the “sports” setting after a while and got some usable ones, but most I have here are just blurs. I did have one huge breakthrough however. I finally found how to turn off all the beeping noises my camera makes. Tennis is not a loud game.

Sharapova serve.

Not exactly a packed house for one of the best tennis players in the world.

Little Kramer in training.


Her exclamation of choice was a simple “come on!” which she used more and more as she tightened the screws on ‘otnik’.


Is it just me or is this indoor tennis setting a bit odd? You also have to imagine this crowd being very subdued. It’s strange to go to a sporting event where you have to be quiet. I’m surprised the term “tennis clap” doesn’t get as much use as “golf clap”. It is pretty unique. Essentially, the crowd claps loudly in slow unison for 5 seconds and then they pretty much all stop simultaneously and complete silence takes over.

She won and then gave a little “on the spot” interview. Classic sports cliché questions and answers.

Hantuchova again. Even though her ‘ova’ factor was completely neutralized by her opponent, Svetlana Kuznetsova, she would go on to win her semi-final match for a meeting with Sharapova the next day. It was another major victory for the hotties. God bless Anna Kournikova and all she brought to the tennis world.


There were a couple doubles matches left to go, but there really is only so much tennis you can watch and we’d been at it for a few hours. So, we watched the first set of the next match and then set out in search of dinner. It was definitely a good time though. Thanks Chizzy.


Comments (3)
Shelby, October 23, 2006 04:08 PM:

Wow, that is awesome that you got to see such great players live (and didn't have to battle huge crowds to do it). The amazing experiences continue! Your hike in Zermatt looks incredible as well.

Rainier, October 23, 2006 07:20 PM:

Cute pic of Chizzy.

Gotta say. Not impressed with Sharapova's outfit. Not nearly sporty enough. What is that Lilac? No woman under 40 and that is in shape should be forced to wear lilac.

Go Big or Go Home.


Berner, October 25, 2006 06:41 AM:

Nice work. Cute.