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But A Stop On The Tour


November 14, 2006 12:47 PM

We’ve been keeping busy this fall season with visitors. J and CM rolled into town from Spain via the Virgin Islands a couple weeks ago and established Zurich as their home base for some more European travels. I presented them with the award for first repeat visitors at the airport. It was a bottle of Rivella. They are a month or so into their world tour which will eventually find them in Asia, Australia, and Hawaii. They were here for a couple weeks but broke it up with a long road trip through Germany and Italy and also flew to Vienna for a couple days. Keep up with them here.

But Chiz and I also managed to take advantage of their being here to eat yet more cheese and to see some sights in Switzerland. They actually know Switzerland better than we do because they like to talk to strangers and pet dogs. We hung around Zurich for a couple days and did the Reinfalls and Rapperswil things.

J participating in Rapperswil (a neighboring town to Zurich at the end of the lake).

J and CM participating at Reinfalls.

Chizzy faking participation on a boat?

That’s how you do it.

But the weekend into the Alps was the travel highlight.

J and CM went up to the Alps around Jungfrau last time they were here and loved it so much they wanted to go back. Chiz and I tagged along with them this time. We spent the first night in Interlaken which is kind of the little gateway town to the mountain villages.




This was on Friday afternoon and Chizzy hadn’t officially taken the day off work. I was making office noises while she took this call to fool the person she was talking to. J was orchestrating a photograph as usual.

“OK. We’ll only have 1 minute of perfect sunlight for this next shot. But I’ll need you to stay perfectly still when I take the photos because I’ll be using an experimental lens.”

Interlaken is the “extreme sports” capital of Switzerland.

Interlaken is nice and all, but it was our final destination of Murren that was really cool.

This is a photo of the neighboring village taken from Murren. This is pretty much how Murren would look from above. They are just little towns on the edge of a sheer cliff face.

More of the valley.

This is where we stayed. It was the final weekend this place was open before the winter season starts back up.


It took a couple cable car rides just to get to Murren, but we weren’t stopping until we got to the top. To Schlithorn.

Sadly, this is the best photo of Murren that I have. Taken from the cable car on the way up

Almost there.

Made it.

These are the three main glacier peaks of the area, I think. Jungefrau is in here somewhere, I believe.

We’d gone up so high it was easy to zoom the camera in on different planets.

This was a rotating restaurant. I can’t remember if it claimed to be the first ever revolving restaurant or that it was the first location somebody thought about putting one. One thing I do know for certain is that a James Bond movie was filmed here. The least known one with some guy I’d never heard of.

Packed a lunch that we bought from the Coop. Yes, you see Pringles.

Here they are again.

This is what they are looking at.

Sorry, CM. No high heels beyond this point.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young J

Chiz was not entirely cool with this.

The sun gave up after a while and made room for a bit of ambience.

More melting glaciers.

Back in Murren.

It was great having them out here for a couple weeks. Thanks you two. We now are eagerly awaiting Mr. Piro for super happy fun times over Christmas and New Years.

Comments (2)
Rainier, November 14, 2006 06:37 PM:

Nice work. Good stuff you guys.

Hey BK are you and Chizzy not coming to WA for Xmas?
Niccy may be making a roadtrip out to the West Coast with me for the holidays.

CM, November 16, 2006 02:05 AM:

Nice captions! You take great candids. ;) Thanks again for a terrific time in Switzerland. You guys are awesome!