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March 21, 2007 11:40 AM

It snowed here yesterday. Probably not shocking to those back home who are still dealing with some winter weather, but we were having a decent string of sunny days so it seemed out of place. Chizzy missed it because she is currently in sunny Irvine, California on a business trip. Iím really jealous of her being in The States, but it equals out because she is really jealous that I am going to Prague this weekend. Iím meeting up again with Tobin, Paty, Reid, and Reidís girlfriend (sorry I donít know her name yet). The main event of the weekend is a half marathon that the guys are doing. Paty and I will be providing moral support and Iím interested to see if the Czechs have a sidewalk cheer for the participants like the Swiss do. ďHop, hop, hop, hopÖĒ

Iíll do a Prague post when I get back. It will be my first time to the city and Iím really wondering if people have built it up too much in my mind. Iíve never heard a negative word about the city and Chizzy considers it one of her favorites. Iím excited to see the city and the gang.

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