Chizzy and Bryan - May Day

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May Day

Fun With Culture

May 1, 2007 10:52 PM

May 1st is like xmas for Bryan. To be in the thick of it all when the riots begin is like a dream come true. At one point today I asked him if he wanted to be a photo journalist because he was just so excited to get in the middle of any mishap in order to get a good shot. Don't worry mama K, lucky for me and you we got a late start and missed the "workers" parade so no pictures this year of red flags and calls for solidarity. And thankfully no riots. The only evidence of May Day was the Globus and ATMs all boarded up. It's funny how the business next door is pretty happenin'.


We had a beautiful day so we just walked around town and it didn't take us long before we gravitated to the Bauschantzli; the continuous wedding reception of the summer has begun. We do a post on this place every year but it's just so funny and I love it. We saw some of the regulars here.

Dancing up a storm to some American Oldies.

Other regulars begging. How do they know the difference between a flower bloom falling from a tree and piece of bread thrown to them? We laughed and mocked them because they have to turn their heads sideways to look up at us.

I bought a hemp beer and when I went to the cash register there was a guy from Down Under. He looked at the label and said, "Ah, leave it to the Swiss. Good on ya." I knew this was going to be a really good beer. It was my very first time having hemp beer and I don't think it really worked.

Bryan had just a normal beer. His worked.

Just liked this picture of the tram and boat.

Not much else to say. It was just a beautiful day and I haven't posted in awhile so I'll just leave you with this final picture.

We miss Nick.

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