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Is Chizzy a Swiss name?


May 19, 2007 11:30 PM

On our most recent visit back to the U.S. we found out some very interesting information about my ancenstry. My fabulous Aunt Barbara gave us a letter from the Bern archives which stated that my great, great, great grandmother (Anna Barbara Stalder) was baptized in a little town called Lutzelfluh here in Switzerland. Her mother was from a nearby town called Ruegsau and she was very Swiss indeed, maiden name is Sterchi.

Anna Barbara left Switzerland with her husband and daughter Wilhelmina to the U.S. when she was in her twenties. She died in childbirth on the boat but then Wilhelmina went on to marry a man in Nebraska. The story goes on from there until you get to me...Chizzy. Fascinating and I'm so thankful to have received that information so that Bryan and I could go on a little excursion and pretend that we were The Stalder's. It was a gorgeous day and we had nothing else to do so we hopped on the train in search of distant relatives or any clue that there are other's like Chizzy out there.

Arrival in Lutzelfluh. These are walking times. There are a lot of wanderwegs out there.

Here it is, the little town of Lutzelfluh. Not much to it but very beautiful. This is the town where my great, great, great grandmother was baptized.

You can't see from this picture but the water was so clear.

We have no evidence that this was the church where she was baptized but it was the only church. We thought it looked too new, but the grounds were very old and there is a cemetary out back with some old graves. There was one tombstone next to the entrance of the church from the 1800's. We walked through the cemetary and found both "Stalder's" and "Sterchi's" but none old enough to be the ancestors that we know were last in Switzerland.

One train stop away is the little village of Ruegsau. So cute. Bryan asked me if I felt at home. We searched and searched for a garage that was playing loud music but didn't find one.

Nevertheless it was a very cute village and the surrounding hills were heaven (I actually made that comment out loud when we were sitting having a beer enjoying the surroundings).




Our German teacher told us that Stalder was a very, very common last name but Bryan thinks it wasn't that common until they procreated like crazy. He pretty much thinks my Stalder's own this town.



Comments (2)
CM, May 26, 2007 03:43 AM:

VERY cool Chizzy! :) What a beautiful place *sigh* like all of CH.

Jessica (Williams) Schiefer, May 28, 2007 05:56 AM:

Hi Cheryl, I've been trying to find you forever...will you please email me, I'd love to catch up.
What a beautiful town, by the way.