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Shelby Reloaded


December 3, 2007 02:46 PM


“What, Shelby?”

“I don’t like the Ron Paul posts on your blog site”

“That’s fine. Just go out shopping in Zurich with your worthless American dollars and continue to hate Freedom and Liberty then.”

Yep, Shelby has made a second trip out Zurich to hang out and eat as much cheese as humanly possible. It’s been a super-fun time as expected but I’m still not in much of a blogging mood so this post will be short.

The highlight was the weekend trip we made out to Prague. The city was as great as we remembered and the Czech people were as bothered as ever with our tourist presence. I’m sure some people would argue it is a cultural thing but people employed in the service industry in Prague are pretty damn rude. And they hate Americans more than most people we have encountered. Still, the city is so amazing it is easily forgivable.

I was shocked I was able to get a photo of the clock with no other random people in the photo.

This is a much more typical representation on the size of the crowd the clock draws each hour.

Chiz introduced me to this pose and I really enjoying doing it sometimes. I’m sure she’d be honored if you ever want to give it a try in your picture poses too.

We found “The Experienced Guide” again and got a personal tour for a couple hours. Immediately after this photo was taken he becomes very upset with himself that he mentioned the architectural use of flying buttresses in the construction of the cathedral but is unable to point one out when pressed by Shelby. This is because he is very knowledgeable about everything Prague and is particularly interested in architecture. If you ever visit Prague and see this guy standing by the clock with his handmade sign I can recommend him as a pretty decent guide. Just be warned that he hates stupid people and he hates that American soldiers never made it all the way to Prague at the end of WWII to fight alongside the citizen uprising. I’m not sure he fully realized there wasn’t much the three of us could have done about that.

We also went on a little Pub Tour that ended up just being the three of us and two American gals. The tour guide was some Czech college student who hated Americans as well and especially how we all think we are so great. I tried to probe as to why he even cares about it but one of the other American gals was too busy apologizing for Bush, reinforcing the idea that all American actions reverberate world-wide, and stressing how she is personally solving the problems of the world in her PhD program. Immediately after, the guide declared Czech beer was the best in the world and there was no rational debate to be had about it. But it was all water off a duck’s back and we all ended up at a dance club after the official tour concluded where he showed his hatred doesn’t run so deep that he would rule out making out on the dance floor with American Imperialist girls.

Charles Bridge. The ladies made several undergarment and wardrobe upgrades on the first day to deal with the very cold temperatures. Here we see a fun little hat atop the head of Chiz.

The closest thing we have ever seen that made Shelby seriously question her strict vegetarian diet. Never gets old.

Another amazing room find by Chiz. The hotel was Metaphorphis and Chiz was taking the concept very literally here.

Anyway, we are having a great time and it was very cool that Shelby could make it out here again.

Comments (6)
CM, December 6, 2007 06:16 AM:

Glad you guys enjoyed Praha with Shelby! Nice pics. I like the one of the clock - when we were there in '05 it was covered in scaffolding. Great hotel choice, Chizzy!! Did you try those amazing wafers with chocolate in the center that they sold in the main square?? And how about that beef stroganoff with pickles?!

Linds, December 7, 2007 09:25 PM:

Wow another great trip! It looks cold but beautiful there. I love the commentaries, they definately made me laugh. Especially about the very knowledgeable guide:) Miss ya

Mike & LV, December 10, 2007 05:54 PM:

You guys look great in the photo's. I know we've enjoyed all of our visits to Europe. I'm glad Shelby was able to come for another visit before you return home. Getaways are best enjoyed with good friends. Happy Holidays!

rainier, December 12, 2007 07:50 AM:

nice work. i like the return of your normal format. since we are about 10 years behind you West Coasters, I don't know that we get that "podcasting" you speak of out here. But I'll see if that have it at a Supertarget.

BTW it's 11 degrees as of this comment.

worth it

Bryan, December 12, 2007 04:50 PM:

You are 3 hours ahead of the West Coasters so that is probably why you can't get the Nine Hours Ahead podcast.

But seriously, it is just an mp3 file and you can listen through your browser if you click the "9 Hours Ahead" graphic at the top of the right navigation bar.

Tobin, December 15, 2007 12:14 AM:

Dude, where's the picture of the Experienced Guide holding his sign above his head?

Other than that, nice post!