Chizzy and Bryan - April 2005

Four Months


April 26, 2005 08:09 PM

We moved in to our permanent place this past weekend. When Chizzy and I were looking for rentals in Seattle we'd drive down the street and almost invariably be able to tell which house was for rent before seeing the actual address. It was usually the worst looking one on the block. So we thought it was funny when our new building stood out too. It isnít rundown (I havenít seen anything rundown in this city); itís just a completely different style than everything surrounding it. Guess which one it is



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April 18, 2005 08:42 PM

The third Monday in April is Sechseluten here in Zurich. It is a celebration of the end of winter that culminates with the burning of a giant snowman. The length of time between when the fire is lit and when his explosives-filled head ignites is an indication of how much longer winter will last. The parade portion of the festivites are a chance for the Guilds of Zurich to dress up in traditional costume and strut through the streets. Guilds were traditionally profession-based organizations such as the masons or the barbers but have eventually become social groups that often are tied to a specific family. Chizzy is in Ireland for a few days, so I ventured out on my own to get these gripping photos.

Here's the doomed snowman the day before the burning. At this point he is still pretty smug about being the center of attention and having an armed guard.

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Since all I do is work...


April 17, 2005 08:48 PM

I thought I'd show you guys who is on my team. These are the people I work with in France. I'll have to post the Swiss team later when I have a full office.

Jean-Marie1 (Small).JPG
Jean-Marie is a super outgoing guy who's originally from the Congo. He speaks about 3 African languages, French and English. His favorite phrase is "boom-i-ay," which means "kill the man" or something like that in English. He just says it when he does something good or is happy to see you.

Karine1 (Small).JPG
Karine has been with the company for about 7 years and is originally from Brittany.

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Blarg email account gone


April 17, 2005 05:01 PM

My email account expired a little while back and I didnít renew it. If I was any good at keeping up my Ďcontactsí list in Outlook I would be sending this out via email butÖ well, Iím not. Iím very bad at that. And now everyone suffers. Anywhoo, I think I may have left some of you hanging without my new email account. Iím afraid to simply post my new email address here because it will probably make some spammersí lives very easy.

Simply replace the description between ( ) with the appropriate answer to unlock the power to email me.

(My first name)@(the domain name of the site you are now looking at right now)

My first name is Bryan (note to good friends: thatís spelled with a Ďyí). When you do the domain name portion, donít add the www part. Itís just

Chizzy can be reached in the same way by just using Ďchizzyí as the first part of the address.

Here she is in a Swiss fine arts museum with neon lights arranged in an artful pattern by some dude from New York.

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The Attic In Photo


April 14, 2005 08:01 PM

Sure was mean of me to talk about the tiny apartment and then not show you. Well, I'm returning to my friendly ways. Enjoy.

This is where I slave away all day cooking.

We've bumped our heads a few times getting out of the bath. Note the dishes in the bathroom sink. Sanitary.

Do not let the mirror fool you. I think the TV reflection gives the best perspective on the size of the master bedroom/living room/study. Directly behind Chiz is the kitchen.

Lest you thought there really was more.

Yes, it really is $2000 a month.

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