Chizzy and Bryan - February 2006

Van the Man


February 23, 2006 09:51 PM

Latest in the concert series...saw Van Morrisson last night. I only knew a couple of songs, but he was really great. Candy Dulfer was the special guest, wailing away on the saxophone. She rocks. Van played all kinds of music: country, Irish, blues, jazz, rock. One of the faves, Moondance, was a real treat. Here's another crappy picture from my phone. This place was much smaller than the previous venue we've been. Acoustics were great and he sounds fabulous live. I hear he's a real diva though.


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Hop Suisse


February 19, 2006 07:40 PM

We just got back from Turin where we were showing our Olympic spirit. We didn’t show true American spirit because we didn’t actually buy a flag to wave around or paint our faces, but we did cheer for them and punch people from Norway. No, that’s a lie. No punching. It was an exhausting long weekend, but we got some good memories out of it.


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Look at this, Warren Miller


February 13, 2006 02:07 PM

goggles – check
gloves – check
head warmer – check
train schedule – check
alarm set for 5:30 am – check
Chizzy’s snowboarding lesson confirmed – check
camera – of course not

It took outside forces greater than I am capable of exerting to finally talk Chiz into hitting the slopes this weekend. Co-worker harassed her. It was a perfect day and this time we went to some place called Flumersberg. She finally gave in and took a two hour lesson. She seems to have enjoyed it too, which bodes well for a future return.

I wish I could show you some pictures of the day. Next time.

UPDATE: Chizzy took some pictures with her high quality phone on the Gondola ride down. Could be some good camping to be had around here in the summer time. We hear that kiwis grow on some of these hills.



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February 9, 2006 01:28 PM

Here are some outtakes from our October trip to Zermatt. If you only like travel stories and pictures presented in a timely fashion, you can just stop reading right now.

Our story picks up at the apartment we rented for the weekend. Zermatt is located in southern Switzerland right on the Italian border so there was a train ride involved here, but I can’t find a single picture from the train ride. This was a Friday and Chiz didn’t get the day off work so we had to book down there in the morning and she had to work all day long over dial-up. She was a total stress case and not much fun at all during this phase of the trip. Look at her working on vacation.


But you can see she once again came through huge on the accommodations. Nice two bedroom pad. One for us and one for CM and J who we were on their way. I left her alone to work and got some pictures of the area

There is the Matterhorn. I guess you have to get a bit closer to see the rollercoaster tracks that run around and through it. Still, it was pretty cool sitting right there daring you to mock it.

Condo-alley. Just an idea of the little streets and quaint nature of this little mountain town. They do not allow any cars here and all the local transportation are these little battery powered shuttles. We did see some gas vehicles though that were being used for construction. Cheaters.

Late October turned out to be a fantastic time to visit. The colors in the trees and hills were amazing.

Downtown Zermatt.

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Blunt and Pallot


February 4, 2006 11:28 PM

Our third adventure in the Chizzy and Bryan concert series was again to Hallenstadion. We saw the UK wonderboy, James Blunt, most famous for his song “You’re Beautiful,” which was a slam dunk at the concert. The Swiss are wild for this guy. He did a GREAT cover of "Where Is My Mind" by The Pixies. "With your feet in the air and your head on the ground...." Perfect.

I managed to get a couple of really blurry, bad shots from inside the venue with my phone. I was testing it out and yes, poor quality. But wanted to share anyway.


James Blunt1.jpg

Opening for this guy was a beauty by the name of Nerina Pallot. We can sum her up by saying she is Rainier’s soulmate. No kidding around here…the girl is dark, mysterious, writes intelligent lyrics, plays piano and guitar and had a funky fashion sense. Her music was a mix between Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. We dug her and know that one day her and Rainier will meet up to make sweet poetic music over an Americano and Macchiato sans whip.

Next up in the concert series, Van Morrison on Feb.22 (sadly Bryan will miss it because he’ll be hanging out with all of you).

Then in April we managed to get some tickets to Nada Surf at a smaller club venue. We’re super excited about that one. Shout out to “blonde” KS for introducing us to this band. We know that song was written with you in mind.

Bryan and I happened to do posts on the same day so don't forget to read his big news below. Sorry baby, didn't mean to overshadow your news with my nonsense. :)

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More Sporting Madness


February 4, 2006 12:35 PM

Look at this little fun bit of news waiting for me this morning in my inbox

We are delighted to inform you that we have been able to allocate you individual tickets for following match as a result of a draw at the end of sales phase 3 of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (TM)

Yeehaw! The game we got was the US v. Ghana match in Nuremburg on June 22nd. Chizzy is making travel arrangements as I type this. The wheels are in motion.

That’s it. Just gloating.

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