Chizzy and Bryan - October 2006

The Girls Are Back In Town


October 23, 2006 12:00 PM

That was the slogan used on the billboards and posters around town that were promoting the Zurich Open tennis tournament. Despite all her long working hours Chizzy still manages to keep an eye out for random happenings that we might be interested in. Not that we are big (or medium) tennis fans, but we know who Maria Sharapova is. So, we had tickets for the semi-final day on Saturday which featured the two singles matches and the two doubles matches.

We got to our seats a few minutes early and caught this gal finishing warm-ups and signing autographs. It turned out to be Daniela Hantuchova who would go on to play in the finals match the next day.

“ARE YOU READYYYYYY?!” After the music and light show, the entrances were a bit lacking. They just came out of the tunnel and gave a little wave to weak applause. Good effort though.

Sharapova was playing in the first game against Katarina Srebotnik. You just knew there was no way a ‘otnik’ was going to win out against a ‘ova’.

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Zermatt Revisited


October 18, 2006 11:53 AM

The weekend after Nick and Shelby left, we made our second journey out to Zermatt with a bunch of Chizzy’s co-workers. We took off late on Friday afternoon and got to Zermatt in the dark. We woke in the morning to rain which wasn’t that sweet since this day was supposed to be a hiking day.

This was our view from the balcony off the room in the morning.

We set out fairly early as a group to find some breakfast along the main street in town. No chance for eggs and bacon here. Just rolls and jam. Stupid Euro-breakfasts.

What’s this? A possible break in the clouds? Yes, it was. The day ended up being AMAZING and we had a fantastic walk in the mountains.

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Rollin' Like Heidi


October 9, 2006 05:28 PM

We pick up with the story back in Zurich where Nick and Shelby made plans to hang out for the entire week. The first full day we had there was Sunday. The city is a bit dead on Sundays since nothing is open, but the weather was great and we took advantage with a hike up to Uetliberg. I guess I didn’t take any pictures from the top, but I do have this one from about half way up the trail. This trail features a nice set of stairs to reach the top. Legs held up. I take what I can get.


Still going with that.

This hike also marked the final time the four of us were able to hang out together during the day. After an intentional effort to plan around Chizzy’s quarter end work schedule, the merger her company went through a while back essentially ended up making the timing a worse case scenario for being able to hang out with her. Chizzy didn’t have any time off from work from that Monday-Friday so the three of us set out to conquer alone.

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Big in Little Britain


October 3, 2006 01:55 PM

Chizzy and I would like to give a big thanks to Nick and Shelby for traveling out here to hang out for a week. It was a trip few others have dared to take before them. It was a trip that produced moments such as this.


And this.


But it wasn’t all about immersing in the break-neck lifestyle of Chizzy and Bryan. There was so much more…

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