Chizzy and Bryan - December 2006

Early Christmas For Tolsty


December 19, 2006 12:40 PM

Santa Claus comes on December 6th here in Switzerland. In this spirit of early gift giving we decided to hook Tolsty up with some new digs. Actually, it was because he broke his other ‘perch’ with the extra weight that comes with his abnormally large size but we would never tell him that.


Yes, we carried this through town and onto a tram. Judging by the amount of smiling head nods I’d say people had a pretty good idea what a fun time the furball was going to be having.



Yeah, we sprinkled the thing with catnip to sweeten the deal, but he didn’t need the extra incentive. He knew this was his the moment he saw it. Yet he still will only scratch the furniture. The idiot.

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