Chizzy and Bryan - February 2007

A Trip To The Pharmacy

February 6, 2007 04:51 PM

“Hello. I have a cold. I’m looking for that vitamin, I can’t remember which one, the one found in citrus fruits. The one that is recommended to help fight off a cold. Scurvy might be involved. Do you know what I’m talking about”?

“Yes, I have exactly what you need.”

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January’s Gone


February 1, 2007 04:11 PM

Thanks for tuning in. Been having a bout of writers block lately and it has nothing to do with the release of the Warcraft expansion. I’m serious. And I’m rightfully relieved my breaking point was finally reached on this one. It is probably more of a social experience than you think it is but come on? Enough already. It was a bit of bad timing with Tobinski logging on from Ireland but I did stick around long enough to pass along my infinite wisdom. Carry the torch, little female gnome paladin. Piro, your thoughtful gift was invalid after all on the European servers. Sorry about that. I’ll keep an ear out for the DHL dude brining the replacement gift.

This isn’t to say my work habits have improved in the trade-off. Stever is holding it down and doing us proud. Coupled with rumors that Birdly felt a hint of spinal relief sleeping on straw mats in Thailand makes his weekend return a very exciting company event. My working habits were generously dubbed as “interrupt driven” sometime a while back. Interrupted from what is the question I’m not proud to answer. So I won’t.

On the other spectrum we have Chiz. Fighting hard for people and a company and a job she doesn’t even like anymore. The merger hit hard and everyone got a bit more exposure to the personalities around them. The primary problem is that Chizzy is the kind of person who just gets stuff done at work. So it is depressing to observe how much more complicated the majority of people around her make it look to get that same thing done. She normally wouldn’t care about that but she has to manage some of them. She got a smile out of me when she confessed she felt a measurable portion of the problem stems from the more socialist mindset of many coworkers. That’s my Little Eichmann.

In truth, it is Chiz who is responsible for introducing me to Libertarianism a couple months back and that has been my latest foray into molding my feeble political mind. So, I pretty much hate the government right now and this has caused the unexpected side-effect of me not being able to read much news without getting pissed/scared/aghast at what is going on the world and in the US. And right in time to watch the two-party system kick into a record breaking advertising campaign to win the right to fix your problems the way they best see fit. We can figure it out ourselves. Thanks anyway.

But we’re doing great here. We got a German class going again. We just got a private tutor we go see a couple hours a week. Not a big serious commitment to learn the language but it helps to view it more as a hobby now. You don’t need to speak German to get by in Zurich. But I won’t deny it could certainly help. Just last month we finally received our 2005 tax forms to mail to the Swiss authorities. This was three days from the deadline. After two lost mailed copies (?) and as many weeks, I went face-to-face last week with an actual tax authority to hand deliver the damn things. Sadly, I wasn’t able to defend any of our honest attempts at prior delivery because the gal didn’t speak a word of English. I ended up bowing out of the office not really knowing if we were all cool now.

I also couldn’t pass by a chance to deal with a little bureaucracy, US-style, the other day. I was due for a passport renewal. They really try to push the mail-in option for renewal. But I was fresh off “Die Post” concerns surrounding those important tax documents and the US Embassy was just down the tracks in Bern. I got to bus a little outside of old-town Bern and I really got further appreciation for that city. That Bern is one nice city. I was further rewarded that I got to speak to an authentic American. A New Yorker. A New Yorker with the accent. It made me smile when the first words she barked at me were, “These photos are not going to work”. This began a pretty contentious relationship for the next hour but the worst I could do was, “Why did you ask me if I want to keep my Passport if I can’t really keep it?”


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