Chizzy and Bryan - March 2007

Ever Wanted a Pony When You Were Little?


March 31, 2007 05:44 PM

I didnít.





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Big in die Schweiz


March 31, 2007 12:56 AM

I will not lie. My enthusiastic reaction on Christmas morní to the two Bryan ďSpelled the Cool WayĒ Adams tickets nestled in my stocking was somewhat forced. Sure, I couldnít get enough of the Heaven video I recorded onto VHS off the MTV countdown when I was a mere grade school lad. And I cautiously added Waking Up The Neighbors to my CD collection a few years later, but come onÖ Bryan Adams on tour in Zurich? I was skeptical.

Chiz bought the tickets months in advance knowing the concert fell on the worst possible day. For you see, today marks what has become an infamous household event. Yes, Quarter End is upon us again. There are early mornings and late nights. There is weekend work. Essentially, you will want to avoid Chizzy at all costs and she will want to avoid you. Did the Canadian Wonder have a way of making us forget?

The plan was to meet inside the arena since she was coming from work, so I made my way solo through the Friday rush hour. The crowd I ended up walking with from the train station didnít do much to bolster my confidence. An odd elder mix of leather clad Euros is tough to read in the most obvious of circumstances, but a Bryan Adams concert made it all the more surreal. Maybe they were just heading to the We Will Rock You show across the street? No. No, they werenít. They were heading the same place I was. Bryan Adams beckoned. What did it all mean? How did they know him? Surely it wasnít Prince of Thieves? Please donít be Prince of Thieves. It wasnít.

Bryan Adams truly is ďBig in SwitzerlandĒ. Oddly big. The sold out, lyric-knowing, devoted crowd was not to be trifled with. There are no two ways about it. We ran with it. The crowd reception to Summer of í69 was amongst the best I have ever seen. He and his black T-shirt clad band totally floored the place. They did FOUR encores. We had a great time. The fantastic gift, fantastic show, and fantastic wife, who made it out of work in time to catch the entire performance by my side, certainly made this a night worth mentioning.


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March 28, 2007 03:53 PM

Iím happy I finally had the chance to visit Prague. It would have been great if Chizzy could have been there as well, but she tricked me into going without her and Iím really glad that she did. And it wasnít like I was alone. In fact, Iíd recommend bringing along Chris, Paty, Reid and Heather anytime you need to leave the house really.

I was the first to arrive early on Thursday morning with plenty of time before the official hotel check-in so I decided to save some money by making my way to the city via public transport. Two lessons quickly learned. 1) Donít expect to break a large bill with a token iced tea purchase at the airport shop and 2) Enthusiasm in the English language wasnít quite as widespread as I expected. It was no problem getting around whatsoever and I never felt like I was misunderstood, but there was a fair amount of caveman conversations going on. And Iím pretty sure it wasnít because they couldnít carry on a conversation with you in English if they wanted to. It just seemed like the type of wariness that comes with being a massive tourist destination and dealing with lost and confused people all day.

A 20 minute bus ride and a 5 minute metro (subway) ride later, I popped onto the street right next to the main Old Town Square.


The square was very crowded in general but any photo where it looks like there is an unnecessary amount of congregation is probably related to the clock in the next photo.

Iíd heard a fair amount about this clock from Chizzy who stayed in the hotel that overlooked it when she visited. Every hour, hundreds of people would gather around to watch the magic. Looking around the crowd, I did see a little bit of the disappointment Chizzy mentioned that follows each little show but there was always a hearty round of applause as well.

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Whether Weather


March 21, 2007 11:40 AM

It snowed here yesterday. Probably not shocking to those back home who are still dealing with some winter weather, but we were having a decent string of sunny days so it seemed out of place. Chizzy missed it because she is currently in sunny Irvine, California on a business trip. Iím really jealous of her being in The States, but it equals out because she is really jealous that I am going to Prague this weekend. Iím meeting up again with Tobin, Paty, Reid, and Reidís girlfriend (sorry I donít know her name yet). The main event of the weekend is a half marathon that the guys are doing. Paty and I will be providing moral support and Iím interested to see if the Czechs have a sidewalk cheer for the participants like the Swiss do. ďHop, hop, hop, hopÖĒ

Iíll do a Prague post when I get back. It will be my first time to the city and Iím really wondering if people have built it up too much in my mind. Iíve never heard a negative word about the city and Chizzy considers it one of her favorites. Iím excited to see the city and the gang.

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March 6, 2007 01:06 PM


It just seemed like a photo was due.

Nothing going on.

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