Chizzy and Bryan - April 2007

We're Back... or gone... or whatever


April 23, 2007 12:29 PM

If it’s 5:30 AM and I am wide awake and chipper on 3 hours of sleep, as I am now, the safe money is always on “jet lag”. If it’s 5:30 AM and I’m forced by panic out of bed hung-over on 3 hours of sleep, as I was yesterday, the safe money is always on “catching the early flight”.

We arrived safely back in Zurich yesterday after a great 2 week trip home. Chizzy had the idea to start things off in Las Vegas with a long weekend before heading up to Washington. As usual, we had a great time and got by with a little help from our friends. Piro stepped up and we got to meet Megan for the first time, which was a pleasure. We spent an evening with David Copperfield and an afternoon with The Price Is Right. We bullied a group of small children at the Derby Races in the New York, New York arcade and won a small army of Incredible Hulk stuffed action figures. I broke my personal best for largest bet on a single hand of blackjack, but Piro took the prize with his ‘paper plays’ bet of over $300 on black at the Roulette wheel. He won. In the end though, no major gambling wins. More importantly, no major gambling loses. Ate at a buffet.

But the biggest news out of Vegas was the decision and announcement that Shelby and Nick have agreed to combine forces in a yet-to-be-named Super Couple. The union will be unlike anything these two star crossed solo artists have ever attempted in the past. Translation for any who need it: Shelby and Nick are engaged to be married! Way to finally man up, dude.

Phase two of the trip was spent catching up with family and attending the wedding of Chizzy’s sister Christine (the primary purpose of the trip). The wedding went off without a hitch at their fantastic new home and the catered Thai food combined with the Karaoke entertainment made for one of the best wedding receptions ever. Big congratulations to Rod and Christine. And for the record, no, Bob didn’t look the least bit out of character wearing a kilt and serving as the Maid of Honor. Keeping with the times, Chizzy has abandoned her Britney Spears routine in favor of the more grounded Gwen Stefani. If her rendition of Hollaback Girl is any indication, this could be a real career defining move for the amateur southpaw.

Phase three was the semiannual week long test in Seattle to see if we are still able to assimilate in American society. Come on. I’m kidding. We haven’t changed a bit. Although, I was afraid to order the French Dip sandwich the final dinner there simply out of fear of being mocked. That’s your problem. Not mine. It really was great to see everybody and hang out a bit. We’ll be back before we know it.

Just like our last trip back home we had major issues remembering to break out the camera. The only set of photos we took were of the progress Chizzy’s folks made on their house. I’ll put those up in a separate post pretty soon. It’s looking really great.

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